Croquet Australia Presenter & Assessor

Croquet Australia Presenter & Assessor

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Competency Statements Outline

To achieve qualification as a Presenter/Assessor the candidate must demonstrate competency in 
teaching the general elements and croquet skills and tactics covered by this program.
In outline, these are

• Planning and reviewing training session for Coaches.
• Assessing and managing the risks of presenting.
• Safely conduct a training session, ensuring fun and maximum participation.
• Utilising a range of communication, teaching and behaviour management strategies to help players 
​  learn basic skills and tactics.
• Catering for the physical and social development of Coaches.
• Listening to the Coaches needs.
• Adhering to the ACA Code of Ethics at all times.
• Teaching all General Principles, ACA requirements, skills, tactics
   and drills contained in this program.

Program Entry Prerequisites 

Prerequisites for all Presenter/Assessor levels within each code of mallet sports are listed in the 
Presenter/Assessor Training application form.

Presenter/Assessors should be familiar with:
• Basic first aid treatment. The Presenter/Assessor seeks professional medical advice and 
  assistance if unable to assist with any injury. The venue should also have a first aid kit.
• Hot Weather Guidelines. as produced by Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)
• Child Protection Requirements. that meets the ACA requirements.
• Anti-Discrimination and Harassment Policy. Croquet Australia aims to provide a sporting 
  environment where all those involved in its activities are treated with dignity and respect, and 
  without harassment or discrimination. Croquet Australia recognises that all those involved in its 
  activities cannot enjoy themselves, perform to their best, or be effective or fully productive if 
  they are treated unfairly, discriminated against or harassed because of their age, disability, 
  family responsibilities, gender identity, sexuality or sexual orientation, irrelevant medical or 
  criminal record, marital status, political belief, pregnancy or breastfeeding, race, religion, sex, 
  social origin and/or trade union membership/ activity.
• Anti-Doping Policy. Croquet Australia condemns doping as fundamentally contrary to the spirit of 
  sport. The policy seeks to preserve what is valuable intrinsically about sport. The essence of 
  sport at all levels in Australia upholds the principles of fairness, responsibility and safety.


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    • Page 16 Planning And Delivery Cont.
    • Page 17 How To Facilitate A Successful Training Session With Adult Learners
    • Page 18 The Candidate Must Have The Ability To Present, Explain And Assess
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