Gateball Level 2 Coaching

Gateball Level 2 Coaching

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The fundamental element of any sport is skill.
One of the most important roles of a Gateball Coach is to ensure players are able to 
learn, practice, and master all basic skills. Knowing when to concentrate on certain elements and 
when it is time to introduce new learning is critical.
It is also about consistency and having the ability to identify and fix repeated errors and
mistakes correctly.
Repetition is one of the best ways to identify an opportunity for improvement. Completing specific 
drills a number of times can be powerful when trying to improve any skill.
Our expectations need to be realistic and measurable, ensuring any suggested corrections are based 
from consistent observations.

The following skills are covered in Gateball Level 2:

  • Making Gate 1
  • Zone of opportunity
  • Longer slide touches
  • Clusters and scattering
  • Using a straightener for gate
    and touch
  • Advance bombarding skills
  • Qualities of a great captain
    » Training and developing a great captain
    » A sound knowledge of strategy
    » Remembering ball positions

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Level 2 Coach Gateball
  • Contents
    • Page 2 Contents
    • Page 3 Contents Cont.
  • Program Overview
    • Page 4 Program Overview
    • Page 5 Gateball Coaching Pathways
  • Glossary
    • Page 6 Glossary
    • Page 7 Glossary Cont.
    • Page 8 Glossary Cont.
  • Gateball Skills
    • Page 9 Gateball Skills
    • Page 10 Teaching Gateball Skills
    • Page 11 Making Gate 1
    • Making Gate 1,2 Or 3
    • Page 12 Zone Of Opportunity
    • Page 13 Longer Slide Touches
    • Sliding
    • Page 14 Clusters And Scatters
    • Page 15 Using A Straightener For A Gate Touch
    • Gate And Touch
    • Page 16 Advanced Bombarding Skills
    • Bombard
    • Page 17 Qualities Of A Great Captain
    • Page 18 A Sound Knowledge Of Strategy
  • Tactics and Scenarios
    • Page 19 Gateball Strategies and Tactics
    • Page 20 Gateball Strategies and Tactics Cont.
    • Page 21 Opening Strategies
    • Page 22 Calls Take Time
    • Page 23 Outballs
    • Page 24 Bridge, Chain Or Ladder
    • Page 25 Bombards
    • Page 26 At The End Of The Game (Watch The Clock)
  • Drills / Routines
    • Page 27 Gateball Drills / Routines
    • Page 28 Gateball Drills / Routines Cont.
    • Page 29 Leading Team Set Up
    • Page 30 Following Team Set Up
    • Page 31 Use Of Hold-Back
    • Page 32 Cross Court Spark Attack
    • Page 33 Gate Pass And Spark Back
    • Page 34 Ladder / Chains
  • Coaching Schedule
    • Page 35 Coaching Schedule
  • Competency Assessment Checklist
    • Page 36 Player Assessment
    • Page 37 Competency Assessment Checklist
  • Congratulations
    • Page 38 Congratulations
    • Thank you
    • Gateball Level 2 Coach
      10 xp
  • Copyright Information
    • Page 40 Copyright Information