Coaching General Principles & ACA Requirements

Coaching General Principles & ACA Requirements

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Competency Statements Outline

To achieve qualification as a coach the candidate must demonstrate competency in teaching the general elements 
In outline, these are:

Planning and reviewing coaching sessions for new players. 
Assessing and managing the risks of coaching.
Safely conduct a training session, ensuring fun and maximum participation.
Utilising a range of communication, teaching and behaviour management strategies to help players learn basic skills 
Catering for the physical and social development of players. 
Listening to the player’s needs.
Adhering to the ACA Code of Ethics at all times.
Teaching all the skills and tactics contained in this program. 
Planning warm-up sessions.


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  • Program Overview
    • Page 4 Message From Our President
    • Page 5 National Coaching Team
    • Page 6 Program Overview
    • Page 7 Coaching Program
    • Page 8 Qualities Of A Coach
    • Page 9 Code Of Ethics
    • Page 10 Assessment
    • Page 11 Points
    • Page 12 Quality Assurance
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    • Page 14 Coaching Core Values
    • Page 15 Role And Responsibility Of A Coach
    • Page 16 Learning Styles
    • Page 17 The Importance Of Using The Correct Language
    • Page 18 Sport Australia Template Covid-19 Safety Plan
    • Page 19 Croquet General Principles
    • Page 20 Extra Responsibility When Working With Children
    • Page 21 Planning And Delivery
    • Page 22 Goal Setting
    • Page 23 Health & Safety
    • Page 24 Nutrition
    • Page 25 Legal Responsibilities
    • Page 26 Risk Management Principles
    • Page 27 Legislation and Compliance Regulation
    • Page 28 The Role Of The Coach In Anti-Doping
    • Page 29 Croquet Australia Member Protection Policy
    • Page 30 Individual Development Plans
    • Page 31 Individual Development Plan
    • Page 32 Example Of A Completed Individual Development Plan
    • Page 33 Setting Realistic Goals
    • Page 34 My Croquet Goals
    • Page 35 Example Of A Completed Goals Sheet
    • Page 36 Session Planner
    • Page 37 Examples Of A Completed Session Planner
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    • Coaching General Principles & ACA Requirements
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